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The use of information communication technologies as well as massive use of digital tools has influenced the daily activities of people. One of the most obvious indicators of rapid technological development is certainly the amount of information available in digital form. As a result of the use of digital tools and the Internet, a cyber space was created, which is the largest source of information. A variety of digital content is available to users of cyber space. In addition to content that is publicly available and can be used without any restrictions at the same time, a large percentage of digital information is protected by intellectual property rights and copyright and related rights. Beside aforementioned mechanisms for the protection of digital content, there is an evident increase in the number of copyright abuses. Abuse of copyright works causes huge economic damage to the authors of works as well as organizations. The aim of this paper is to analyze the current state of implementation of intellectual property protection mechanisms in the cyber space with a special emphasis on the application of these mechanisms in the Republic of Serbia. Mechanisms for the protection of intellectual property are examined through the domain of application of information communication technologies, legal aspects and registered abuses. At the same time, registered abuses were analyzed from the economic point of view both from the angle of the author of the work and from the perspective of the person who misused the subject work.


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