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In this work are considered agrarian changes within influencing depopulation and comparatively priority and limitations for evolution agrarian in North-eastern Montenegro, on sample township Berane, Andrijevica and Plav. These are township who there are expressed stadium depopulation, what is influence on row social changing, particulary on decreasing agrarian production. Negative changing in structured the use agrocultural territory involved are in fact that are territory within ploughts and gardens and grazing land decrease. As distinct from aggrandize are territory within orchards and prairies. On the whole observing grain production substantially, subserve for serving needing hausehold. Minority routing is market. Some better results are implemented in cattle production what is substantially focused is on receipt meats and milks. Referred region possesing importants evolutional comparatively priority but and limitations for evolution agroculture. Practiced European Union suggests that sophistical politics rural development, financial supported, there's for result successful rural economy, with great possibilities for pursuit agriculture and employed.


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