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Improving of the economic performances of Serbia in the first decade of new Millennium is obvious. This indicate several macroeconomic parameters of Serbian economy, primarily move of GDP, National Income per capita as well as summary indicators such as Human Development Index (HDI). Modern development cannot be measured with a single indicator that is based on Gross Product and require more complex approach. That’s why other economic and social indicators could present level of development. New indicators move towards to measuring level of personal satisfaction. Any person has numerous needs and all of them we could condense in one indicator. In that way is produced Human Development Index (HDI) as a synthetic indicator. This way concept indicator show Serbia is in the progress comparing to its neighbourhood and world. It could be a consequence of the radical reforms for increasing our economy system. While aspirating to achieve higher level of development and increase level of direct foreign investments, forgotten are basic values of the society such as equal share of development benefits to all people in all regions. Economic systems based on „invisible hand of the market“ of Adam Smith failure in this field, as well. Namely, elemental market and neoliberal economy caused disparities in the regional development in the past decade. These disparities became significant and threaten to destabilize whole system. Re-estimation of the neoliberal concept in economy is necessary to be done in the forthcoming period in order to emphasise need for planning directions for equal sharing of the benefits of the economic development to all citizens of Serbia.


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