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Experience in general, and especially in Serbia show that the situation on the insurance market reflects the state of the economy and the environment in which we are. Insurance Industry of Serbia in early 2009. no results in problematic stock shares abroad of which the flows and crises. Insurance market in Serbia is also the development market as one of the less developed markets in the Balkans. The global economic crisis is reflected negatively on the insurance market in the Balkan region, especially the life insurance sector, but unlike Croatia and Slovenia where the stronger expressed, in Serbia, its impact less feel. Representing the movement in the market of insurance in 2008. year and the first months of this year in Serbia and Balkan region, we come to know how the crisis leaves a trace, primarily through a decline in investment in the life and property insurance. Also pointed out that the financial sector in the Balkans and especially Serbia, mainly ,,bankcentr’’ that the market share of insurance in the gross domestic product small, which leaves great opportunities for development and investment


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