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Attitudes with regard to food are good predictors of behavior and a good knowledge of it plays an important part in dietary education according to different groups of the population especially high-risk groups lacking nutrients. An evaluation of attitudes of persons aged 65+ with regard to new and unknown food as well as the acquaintance and degree of approval presented in examining convenience products with health-focused properties was the main aim of the research. The level of neophobia of dietary practices in terms of the examined group of women was lower comparing to the level in men. Consumption and/or the desire for trying out new, unknown food of a high nutritional value by the group of seniors aged 60+ is beneficial and can be used to popularize health-focused dietary practices in this population group. Therefore, taking educational actions by producers of convenience food with health-focused properties is vital and should be aimed at propagating a health-focused model of eating in circles of elderly people. Such undertakings should be based on quality features of the product, the need for rational trophism and the influence of bioactive elements on health.


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