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The purpose of the research was a comparative evaluation of production and economic results of agricultural farms according to area, production direction and intensity of production. The agricultural farms were situated in the Przysucha district (Masovian Voivodship). Results were compared between farms classified as different production directions. Research was carried out in 100 agricultural farms located on light soils – rye complexes. The evaluation was carried out using selected production and economic indices. Information and source data from farms were acquired using direct interviews in the form of a questionnaire. Research objects were intentionally selected from farms from the Przysucha district. Farms were divided into groups with the help of particular evaluation criteria, such as: production specialization, farm area size and intensity of production. On the basis of the research conducted, it was stated that achieving better results depended primarily on the chosen production direction. Orchards and vegetable farms, classified as small farms, due to their type of production, were more intense and achieved a higher value of global commodity production per 1 ha of UAA and production commodity. Relations discovered by the research concern farm specialization and how a farm functions in specified organizational as well as economic conditions.


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