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The aim of the study was to determine the effect of biostimulators on the yield and profitability of edible potato cultivation in comparison with the control. The field experiment was carried out in 2015- 2017 with the use of biostimulators on an individual farm in a triplicate, split-plot system. The factors were: I – three varieties of edible potato: Honorata, Jelly and Tajfun; II – four types of biostimulators: the control (without using biostimulators), biostimulator Kelpak SL®, Titanit®, GreenOk® and BrunatneBio Złoto®. The biostimulators used in the experiment influenced the yield increase (on average by 1.80 t/ha) as compared to the control plot without foliar feeding. The value of production, direct production costs and direct surplus were calculated. The biostimulators used were the element differentiating the direct production costs. Studies have shown that the highest yield was obtained on the site where BrunatneBio Złoto Cytokinin was applied.


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