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Financial instruments (FIs) have been an element of EU policies for almost 2 decades. They are in use also in CAP. Yet, they have not gained much popularity due to both their novelty in CAP and the complexity of their implementation. However, given the diminishing allocation of funds for CAP they are sure to become an important part of CAP support as they offer an important advantage to policy makers due to the leverage effect which enables the funds to be used more than once and thus to offer support to a larger group of beneficiaries. The paper is based on literature review and the analysis of EU documents related to FIs. Its aim is to assess the proposal of the EC relating to the use of FIs in the CAP 2020+ taking into account the lessons learnt during the implementation of FIs in rural development programmes (RDPs) in the previous and current programming periods. Results show that wider use of FIs in CAP 2020+ as compared to the current period is inevitable. Yet, there are serious problems that have to be tackled to make the FIs’ implementation a success. This included careful planning and educating potential beneficiaries.


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