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To be successful strategic thinking from SMEs is required, they have to give appropriate answers to the changes that fit and serve the sustainable economy. It is characteristic that SMEs concentrate mainly on surviving and on daily stability, yet – despite of the frequently mentioned idea – they realize the necessity of renewal, and they are fond of innovation. The question arose: what kind of business model do we need. Future means that the reappraisal of the values based on trust, reallocation of resources, social relationships, restructuring factors of production, localization, reuse and recycling must be implemented in business strategies, showing the direction of innovation. It is important to define the role and place of the SMEs in innovation process in the context of de-growth, like innovation – imitation. Synthesis – open innovation, observation and adaptation of best practices, cooperation based on trust, participation in strategic partnerships. In the study messages of sustainable economy and ‘degrowth’ is summarized. Answers are being looked for the question: what kind of behavior and strategies are appropriate for the SMEs for successful renewal.


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