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Urban streets are the main public places for outdoor activities in urban areas. Urban street landscape is the core content of urban landscape, and urban street greening is an essential part of urban landscape streets. With the rapid development of cities, humans have higher and higher requirements for surrounding environment. To this end, this paper makes a preliminary exploration on the green landscape of urban streets. Based on the analysis of the basic concepts and components of green landscape of urban streets, this paper puts forward the role of green landscape of urban streets: practical function, landscape creation function and environment optimization function. Taking the Guangchang East Road in Xihu District of Nanchang City as an example, through field survey, observation and data collection, it found that the main problems of Guangchang East Road, and came up with the recommendations that the design of the greening landscape of Guangchang East Road in the planting and color block matching. It is expected to provide references for the planning and design of urban street greening landscape in the future.


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