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The Report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China has taken the Belt and Road Initiative and the implementation of the the Belt and Road Initiative as essential parts of China's economic construction and multi-faceted diplomatic layout. As an important navigation channel for the "21st Century Maritime Silk Road", the Arctic Route has unlimited development prospects in scientific research, transportation, resources, tourism, etc. Therefore, it is feasible to take this opportunity to adhere to the three policy concepts of respect, cooperation and mutual benefit, to deepen political, economic, trade and scientific and technological cooperation with the Arctic countries and interested countries. Starting from the joint creation of the "Ice Silk Road" between China and Russia, this paper analyzed the enormous challenges faced by traditional routes. The Arctic Route has the obvious advantages and the values of economy, politics, resources, shipping and scientific research. The development of Arctic Route faces threats and limitations of substrate data, development technologies, and extreme marine meteorological disasters. Therefore, this paper believes that the development and construction of the Arctic Route with the aid of meteorology should be fully integrated into the construction of Belt and Road Initiative, strengthen the research on the geographical and climatic environment of the Arctic Ocean, deepen the monitoring of climate services and climate change in the Arctic Ocean, and create a safe Arctic Route. Besides, it is necessary to vigorously enhance the international cooperation and exchanges in the research of the Arctic Ocean, and build a large-scale scientific research plan with the aid of the joint creation of "Ice Silk Road” by China and Russia. Besides, it is recommended to develop a variety of meteorological observation methods to enhance the early warning capability of disaster prevention and mitigation. In particular, it is recommended to vigorously develop the offshore meteorological observation capability of the "Ice Silk Road", and continuously meet the needs of meteorological services and disaster prevention and mitigation for the construction of Belt and Road Initiative. In addition, it is necessary to comprehensively build a Chinese meteorological polar discipline system to meet the future demands of the Arctic Route.


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