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This study aimed to investigate factors affecting the revenue share of Iranian tomato paste exporting companies. Flexible estimation method was used on a twodimensional panel data set including 224 observations from 14 tomato paste manufacturing and exporting companies and 16 importing countries during 2005-12. Results showed that value added per employee in manufacturing or exporting companies, and dummy variables (common border, religion and number of documents needed to import) had positive effect on the revenue share of a given company. The import tariff rates of selected countries and distance had a negative effect on the export revenue share of all companies. Accordingly, programmers and policy makers should provide background information about the productivity of labor force in these companies via researching, developing, and promoting production technologies, which will increase the exporting revenue share of this product. Furthermore, by making bilateral and multilateral contracts and agreements, the tariff rates can be reduced to increase the revenue share of the tomato paste export.


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