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Strategic management is defined as a set of management decisions and actions that determine a company's long-term performance and lead and control the organization so that it can quickly respond to some internal and external environmental changes. Obviously, the agricultural sector and natural resources are one of the most significant economic sectors of the country because of their vital role in providing the required food and nutritional safety. The present study aims to determine the appropriate strategies for Eshraq agro-industry Company. In this study, agricultural sector and animal husbandry strategies are determined simultaneously. The SWOT analytical framework has been used to determine the appropriate strategies. Eventually, after assessing the situations and strategic actions by the SPACE method using the QSPM strategic approach, the determined strategies have been sorted according to importance and priority which include small livestock, aviculture, aquaculture, establishing dairy plants and value-added production, developing the existing dairy cattle, increasing milk and meat production and changing land uses from farms to gardens respectively.


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