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The main purpose of this study was to analyze the effective solutions in the field of waste management in municipalities. The statistical population in this survey –based study consisted of the citizens that lived in Orumiyeh city in West Azerbaijan Province. By using Cochran formula, sample size was estimated to include 180 people. The data collection tool was a questionnaire. The reliability coefficient of the questionnaire was obtained by a Cronbach's alpha that turned out to be 0.87. Results showed that a positive and significance relationship exists between the transport collection and landfill management solution, expense management solution, executive management solution, the strategy management system, as well as the importance of waste management. Also in addition, multi regression results shows that about 55.9 percent of the solid waste management system is determined by variables such as collection and transportation of waste and landfill, executive management, costs management, and improvement of the management system of the organization.


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