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After five years of study, it was found that compared with the conventional cultivation techniques, the average yield per plant of 3-5-year-old Jinhong apple trees cultivated under the ridge covering mode was increased by 2.12 times, the stem diameter was increased by 20%, the branch number was increased by 73.5%, and the underground root number was increased by 38.3%. Under the ridge covering mode, the main distribution area of the underground roots of Jinhong apple trees was moved down to 15-55 cm, the temperature of soil 20 cm beneath the surface of the ridges increased by 1.3-1.5℃, the temperature of soil 40 cm beneath the surface of the ridges rose by 0.9-1.0℃, and the water content of soil 20-40 cm from the ground was maintained around 5%. Under the ridge covering mode, the Jinhong apple trees grew robustly, began to fruit 3 years later and yielded highly 5 years later. In addition, the ridge covering model also has illumination-enhancing, pest-controlling and tillage-free characteristics.


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