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This paper studied and compared the effects of three preservation methods (normal temperature 20°C, fresh-keeping box cold storage 4℃, and fresh-keeping box + fresh-keeping film cold storage 4℃) on six kinds of vegetables. The results showed that the content of vitamin C in the six vegetables was higher in cold storage than in normal temperature storage; the nitrate content was lower in cold storage than in normal temperature storage. In both the normal temperature storage and cold storage, the vitamin C in vegetables declined with the increase of the storage time, while the nitrate content increased with the increase of the storage time. Thus, cold storage has better fresh-keeping effect for vegetables. In cold storage conditions, the vitamin C content was higher in vegetables packaged by fresh-keeping box, and the nitrate content was lower, followed by the fresh-keeping film + fresh-keeping box cold storage. In conclusion, the best preservation method for vegetable is fresh-keeping box cold storage.


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