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The paper reviewed the causes, consequences and impacts of climate change in the Nigerian agricultural sector. The paper found out that, notwithstanding the existence of modern agricultural technologies, climate change which occurs with different weather varieties hamper productivity levels of both crops and animals in recent time in the country. Although there are information about the negative impacts of climate change in the country, much of these information are not on the doorsteps of the rural agricultural producers due to minimal existence of adequate trained change agents. As Nigeria is currently experiencing increasing incidence of disease, declining agricultural productivity, increasing number of heat waves, unreliable weather patterns, declining rainfall in already desert-prone areas, these gave ways to paradigm shift in the agricultural sector especially in the rural communities. Due to these increases there is decline in production of agricultural produce/products which is consequence of climate change. This paper recommends among other things that there is need for a systematic collaborative approach involving all the stakeholders - science experts and researchers, governments at all levels, policy makers, farmers associations, youths and women groups, private sectors: non-governmental and civil society organizations to work together in turning the critical challenges posed by climate change into opportunity/opportunities.


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