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Subject and purpose of work: The aim of the work was to evaluate the quality of the websites of agritourism farms in the Visegrad Group countries. Materials and methods: Evaluation of website quality was based on selected “site authority” measures, from the so-called SEO metrics: Trust Rank, Moz Rank and Page Authority, as well as measurement of the selected performance parameters of websites. The research was conducted on a group of 400 websites of agritourism farms, whose addresses were obtained from selected web directories. Results: In the case of as many as 331 sites (approx. 83%) Trust Rank lower than 1 point was recorded. The majority of tested websites are characterised by an average value of the Moz Rank index and a low value of the Page Authority index. The average time taken to load the website in the browser window for the first time was about 2.7 seconds, with as many as 68 (17%) websites being loaded in over 5 seconds. Conclusions: The tested websites are characterised by low values of the authority index, which may indicate poor quality, poor visibility in search results and a lack of recommendations from other valuable sites. Low index values may also mean that, despite the global potential, the tested websites have a merely local impact. Their existence is known to a small number of people and their Internet visibility is negligible or nonexistent. Websites published in such a manner do not fulfil their function.


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