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Subject and purpose of work: The article describes a new subject of research into the history of economic thought, the international Pribuzhie region. The article discusses the history of the rise and development of economic science in the Pribuzhie region from the 8th to the 21st century, which is the subject of research. The aim of the article is to present a new perspective on the subject of research as well as the characteristics of the process of economic science in the Pribuzhie region. Materials and methods: The article uses a conventional method, which is a collection of historical, philosophical and economic methods of cognition, on the basis of which, in the context of a scientific program, the past of economic thought and relevant doctrines are examined, and their content is described. Results: The various historical stages in the development of the economic thought of the Pribuzhie region are described, as well as new, unpublished facts relating to individual economic doctrines. Conclusions: Political activity and public administration activities should involve economic education, which defines the essence of economic policy, its objectives and ways of realization in the practical sphere.


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