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Subject and purpose of work: The subject of the research were texts published on the websites of rural tourism facilities in Poland, and the purpose of the work was to assess their marketing quality. Materials and methods: The evaluation of the marketing quality of the texts was carried out using the web application Audyt Hekko (Blink) on a collection of 842 websites of rural tourism facilities. Results: Texts with a low (poor) marketing utility (as assessed by the testing algorithm) were found on 362 websites, which constituted approximately 44% of the set. Approximately 46.5% of the websites contained texts whose marketing utility was sufficient. Texts posted on 10% of the analysed websites were rated as useful for marketing. Conclusions: The semantic evaluation of the texts published on most rural tourism facilities websites has shown that they have been written in the language of benefits, with the use of phrases that may arouse interest and curiosity. At the same time, however, they required optimization and a greater marketing orientation.


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