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The study was conducted in a Wiregrass Model Tunnel House to evaluate the response of two sweetpotato cultivars (“Carver” and “TU-1892”) and two different planting methods (Conventional and Trellised) at S & B Farm in Eufaula AL., during the summer of 2015. Sweetpotato varieties were the main plots and planting methods were the subplots, each treatment combination was replicated four times. Results indicated that there were significant interactions between sweetpotato varieties and planting methods for US#1, Canners, and total marketable yield. There were also significant differences between varieties and planting methods for Canners and between varieties and total marketable yield. The results indicated that the response of sweetpotatoes under tunnel house conditions maybe varietal related, and influenced by high ambient temperature prevalent in tunnel houses during the summer months. Further studies will be required to test other varieties of sweetpotatoes and to evaluate impact of heat stress on root production.


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