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The main objective of the research was to present in 2017 the production and economic results of sweet lupine, fodder pea, field beans, soybean, cow's milk and beef cattle depending on the scale of their production. Research was held at commercial farms, which sell their production. These farms are enterprises. These farms were deliberately selected from a representative farm sample that was in the field of observation of the Polish FADN system. Data describing the researched agricultural products were collected in the AGROKOSZTY system, and then supplemented with data from the Polish FADN database. The results of products were influenced by production capacity of farms, i.e. resources of land, labour and capital, their quality and the manner of use, but they were also dependent on external conditions (e.g. market, weather). These impacts resulted in varying degrees of changes in the volume of production, unit costs and price of products. In 2017, the income from the surveyed agricultural products was within fairly wide limits. The positive impact of the size of the production scale was visible, although it appeared at various levels of analysis. Studies have shown that income without subsidies has ensured all plant products and milk production. On the other hand, the production of beef cattle on average in the research sample and on average in the separated ranges of the production scale was unprofitable. However, in each group there were farms in which the beef cattle production was profitable. It was mainly due to lower production costs.


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