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The drought Phenomena and its consequences reduce the level of groundwater, lack proper nutrition, dry surface water resources and more harvest of the groundwater resources substantially the sum of these cases is Cause transfer the salty waters to ground water table and will limit capacity required harvest from aquifer and quality of the water. The VIKOR method was applied to determine the best feasible solution according to the selected criteria including the region rainfall situation during different years, soil permeability, land slope and water quality indicators, including SAR, RSC, salinity for determine of groundwater resources quality and land- use restrictions in Kashmar plain in east-north of Iran. The results of sampling in the Kashmar Plains showed that water quality decreased in move path from north to south the groundwater table of Kashmar plains. The use of groundwater resource excessively, downfall of the groundwater level and followed to salinity increased, has been caused to decrease of agriculture water quality and the land- use restriction. Furthermore, the results of the model in years 2008 and 2010 showed that to continue the current form indiscriminate harvesting of groundwater resource due to is the advancing front of salinity to upstream regions with low salinity. Therefore, it is necessary for sustainable management of groundwater resources, control the indiscriminate harvesting and minimizing damage to the groundwater table of the county, experts perform limits the use of agricultural land with the modified cultivated model, the use of deficit irrigation methods.


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