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This study is attempted to look into the converting of the vast area of tropical inland peat swamps in Malaysia into new agriculture and aquaculture venture. We are looking into the economic value derive from the vast tropical inland peat swamps towards income generation and national economy. The introduction of a manageable tropical inland peat swamp integrated planting and de-acidification fertilizing schematic hydro retention technique will generate income for the rural farmers‟ effort in economically intervention on its potentiality and usefulness in cultivating commercial cash crops, at the same time retaining of water catchments, conservation of its eco-system. The participative efforts from various fraternities are crucial and certainly will have great impact in determining the level of maximizing the potential agro crop outputs and eventually in upgrading farmers‟ income and livelihood as well as generate country‟s economy through the expansion of total agro land areas. Technicality and expertise in the implementation process are two important factors. Knowledge on agriculture and agro chemicals is also taken into consideration in this study. The Design or methodology used is Schematic Hydro Retention (SHR) technique on the integrated commercial cash crop planting and aqua production with concentrated fertilizing technique introduce to feasilified the potentiality of tropical peat swamp agro programs. It involved a smart partnership among others, expert agro manager, farmers; Ministry of Agriculture (district Agro department, fishery department, DID, FAMA, MARDI, and MPOB etc.). In general, there is a significant difference among factors stated above on tropical peat swamp agro-aqua management system. The initiatives and eagerness to be successful in this concept depend on the inter-relatedness of the various partners in the program which will constitute to the income generation and national economy with the expansion of peat swamp into fertile agriculture land. In addition, the quality and agro knowledge of farmers are another two essential factors found to be the strong fundamental in the community support peat swamp agro commercial cash crop program.


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