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Motivating the employees is one of the main tasks of human resource management and a very important factor of their professional development. Providing safe working conditions is a complex process that is determined not only by the specific individual motivation for safety and health at work, but also by organization of the working processes, organizational culture and other factors. Supposing that personal motivation and environmental motivation are not universal, there has been issued an extensive study of all relevant factors of motivation for working and motivation for safe operating in the company Port of Adria JSC Bar. The aim of this paper is to determine the order of motivating factors for workers that have the greatest impact on respondents and which are the most significant as far as the employees’ motivation is concerned. By a detailed analysis of data and determining the hierarchical relationship among the responses by various criteria, there has been formed a final model of considering collective attitude of the organization based on the survey questions. The most important conclusion of the study indicates that the introduction of advanced technologies and modernization of working funds, combined with increasing of salary and fairer distribution of income, have the greatest impact on workers’ sense that the organization shows respect for the results of their work.


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