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The development of rural tourism has become a trend that is more or less present in almost all countries of Europe and North America today. In many countries it has enabled to resolve some of the important problems that burden life in the rural areas (unemployment, population migration to urban city centers, decrease of macroeconomic indicators, etc.). Its effect is synergistic, because it connects a large number of economic and non-economic activities and with its multiplied effects, has positive effects on local environment in which it develops. Experiences that countries in which rural tourism is so far developed can contribute in practice in the Republic of Serbia which has significant potential for the development of rural tourism. They are reflected in preserved nature, developed agricultural production, prevalence of rural areas that covers more than 80% of the territory, rich anthropogenic heritage, geographical diversity of the territory that favors various forms of rural tourism, etc. Unfortunately, rural tourism has not gained importance in policy of economic development until recently. The article analyzed the character and dynamics of the development of rural tourism in the Republic of Serbia and points to its phases of development. Also, it is given suggestions to facilitate monitoring and create preconditions for successful management.


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