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Due to the severe restrictions of natural conditions and ecological environment, igh-altitude mountainous areas usually become the "hard bones" in the battle against poverty. Xueshan Township, Luquan Yi and Miao Autonomous County of Yunnan Province, located in the alpine valley of Jinsha River, is a major township with wide and deep poverty, and the incidence of poverty is up to 45.00%. In recent years, Xueshan Township has insisted on the battle against poverty, made effort to develop the Codonopsis pilosula industry, and successfully developed a road to poverty alleviation through C. pilosula industry, and formed a unique industrial poverty alleviation model by the end of 2018, the incidence of poverty dropped to 0.74%. Based on field survey and interview, this paper analyzes and summarizes the specific practices, main results, practical experience and promotion and application measures of the poverty alleviation model of C. pilosula planting industry in Xueshan Township, in the hope of providing certain reference for the targeted poverty alleviation in similar areas in Yunnan Province and other provinces of China.


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