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This paper makes reference to the identification, origin, and method of creation of market information which, in its short life, represents market signals of different values and the manner in which it is perceived by the companies’ managements. The impacts of globalisation, the development of transport, and IT technologies have given a multidimensional line to the market signals and their complexity. The paper presents some of the challenges arising from the growing amounts of information available and exhausting the managements when defining the direction of future development of a company. Actually, the paper aims at making closer the understanding of the difference between data and information, from today’s point of view, the interpretation of market signals and their further use in making business decisions, looking through the prism of the constant increase in the quantity of information available in the light of globalisation and IT technologies, as well as possible challenges posed by the increasing amount of information. Finally, the paper presents a part of research that was used for the preparation of a doctoral thesis on information and its role in business decision-making.


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