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The desire to eliminating inequality in society is a better measure in assessing leadership pattern as being functional or failed in relation to service delivery capability. Quality service delivery – educational, access road, potable/piped water supply, health facilities, and the likes - are mitigation measures in redressing intra and inter-communal cleavages while the absence of quality/passive service would continually aggravate tension/unrest among people who hitherto lived together as brothers for decades. The paper examined the role of genuine service delivery measure in mitigating inter and intra-communal cleavages exploring Nigeria’s/ other third world nations experience. This paper is of the view that when you have a set of jokers as leaders and jokers as commentators on public discourse in society, the situation of the ordinary man in the street becomes much more precarious and more precarious where those entrusted with public funds/ responsibilities celebrate failure and mindlessness rather than remorse openly for their ineptitude. The people must learn to understand the intrigues of the politicians whose stock in trade is trading on the interest and future of the people they claim to represent. This reorientation call becomes more imperative in view of the growing distance between the group known as the led and leaders in our society.


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