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Major changes in recent years have affected the work of the organization. Successful business requires great flexibility, accountability and speed of product development and services. In the heart of the success of the organization, to achieve the mission and vision, lies highly qualified staff that is motivated, loyal and concentrated on achieving the objectives. Motivation is the effect that causes, directs and maintains the desired behavior of people. Human resources are the most creative and driving force of the organization. The level of training for work, working habits, level of responsibility and the quality of the relationship to work, their motivation and creativity depend on the future performance of the organization. Construction quality motivational system can increase the competitive ability and value of the organization. Job satisfaction is related to a positive emotional reaction and attitudes of employees towards their work. Job satisfaction significantly affects the efficiency and effectiveness of employees. This paper presents the results of research and analyzed the impact of human resource management on motivation and job satisfaction in the public sector.


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