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Although Serbia has a generally high potential for the development of hunting tourism, they have not been fully realized adequately. In recent years, intensive talks about the “revival” of some hunting areas that were previously brought significant revenue to municipalities in which they are located. However, as one of the limiting factors for the development of hunting imposes a lack of funds for hunting infrastructure and revitalization of flora and fauna. Vrbas, municipality previously valorize its tourism potential, primarily through hunting, and then through other forms of tourism, which it evidently available to. However, during the nineties, tourism is found on the margins of the overall economic development, to the municipality, and the whole society. Today intention of municipality is that tourists, primarily foreign, again animate and return to this important tourist destination of Vojvodina. Important role in this process will play marketing approach with all tools promotional mix. The aim of this paper is to present resources to develop hunting tourism in the municipality of Vrbas and point out the strategic directions for its future development.


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