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Contemporary business conditions are realized in the society that is based on knowledge, so the ability of permanent gain and use of new knowledge becomes a key factor for survival contemporary organizations. Learning becomes the basic premise of organization for realization of the competitive advantage on the market. Organizational learning in a virtual organization is considered in this work. The aim of this work is to point out the role and significance of enabling the capacity of the virtual organization to support, encourage learning and memory organizational knowledge and by this accomplish high performances. The presentation begins with the definition, the show basic characteristics and types of virtual organizations. Then, basic characteristics of organizational learning and process of organizational learning are shown. Special attention in this work is paid to the organizational learning in virtual organization. The research is of theoretical character, and quality methods of research will be used accordingly. By analyzing the research done in this work, we can conclude that organizational learning significantly contributes to advancing of organizational performances, but the organizational knowledge must be preserved and memorized.


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