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The study examined snail production in Imo State, Nigeria using cross-sectional data. It was guided by five specific objectives: describe snail production system in the study area; determine costs and return of snail production; determine the factors that affect snail production in the study area. Questionnaire was the instrument of data collection. Purposive sampling technique was used to sample fifty snail farmers who constituted the respondents for the study. Data were analyzed using descriptive, inferential statistics and costs and return analysis. Results showed that the business of snail farming required low capital investment and was highly profitable with gross margin and net profit of N612, 130.00 and N609, 630.00 per snail per one cycle respectively. The return on investment was N3.04. This showed that snail production is profitable and would boost the farmers’ income and thereby improve their livelihood. Quantity of snails and gender positively and significantly influenced the profit realized. Inadequate funds and religious bias were the major constraints to increase production.


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