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The transformation of dilapidated houses in rural areas is not only a livelihood project related to the broad masses of rural people, but also a major project to win the battle against poverty. Luquan Yi and Miao Autonomous County, Yunnan Province, located in the high mountain and gorge area along Jinsha River, is one of the key counties of poverty alleviation and development with a wide range of poverty and a deep degree of poverty. The incidence of poverty is 22.21%. Housing security is the focus, difficulty and emphasis of poverty alleviation in this county, the number of dilapidated houses is large, the type is complex, the transformation is difficult, and the implementation cost is high. Since the beginning of 2017, Luquan County has faced difficulties, explored in depth, pioneered and innovated, and completed the renovation of 54801 dilapidated houses in an all-round way. It created a road full of characteristics and effectiveness of rural dilapidated housing transformation, and explored a set of effective scientific identification and accurate transformation models for rural dilapidated housing worthy of reference and promotion. Successful renovation of dilapidated houses, combined with industrial poverty alleviation, education poverty alleviation, health poverty alleviation and other accurate poverty alleviation measures, have made Luquan County win a decisive victory in the fight against poverty. By the end of December 2018, the incidence of poverty in the county had dropped to 0.54 percent, and 115 poor villages (including 83 extremely poor villages) had successfully shaken off poverty.This paper analyzes and summarizes the concrete methods, main effects, characteristics and bright spots, successful experience, and reference significance of the scientific identification and precise transformation mode of rural dilapidated houses in this county, so as to provide a necessary reference for the transformation of rural dilapidated houses in Yunnan Province and even poor counties in similar provinces (cities and districts).


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