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City of Kragujevac as the former capital of modern Serbia and industrial development is the core of the city with a rich cultural and historical heritage and world famous anti-war event „The Great lesson“. Since the creation of modern Serbia in Kragujevac, the city has undergone significant demographic, cultural and urban change. Comprehensive socio-economic changes have necessarily resulted in the quantitative and qualitative changes in the development of tourism is closely linked with all the economic changes in the country and beyond. Kragujevac is the center Sumadija and its administrative, cultural, educational, economic center, which are all advantages for the formation of unique tourist attractions and rebranding of the existing tourism product. To make tourism a rightly earned the title of a driver for economic development should be designed tourist product of Kragujevac on a sustainable basis, which would be interested to enriched and modernized tourist offer multiplied. In this paper, a comprehensive analysis of the current situation offer alternative ways of future development of tourism, as well as the possibility of efficient adaptation of tourist offers current tourism trends and demand.


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