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In this original scientific work the author Aleksandar B. Djuric analyses practical consequences of Bologna declaration implementation on high education programs of Serbian universities. Implementation of Bologna declaration in Serbia is directly opposed to traditional Serbian university and traditional Europeancontinental system of high education. The primal idea of Bologna declaration comes from Opus Dei strategy founded by the Spanish Roman Catholic monarch Eskivira – strict high education program control in accordance with the needs of Vatican. Nowadays, most of EU countries (France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Slovenia) accepts Bologna declaration from 1% to 3% only partially and with strict reserves on the long term basis and a agree with themselves necessary, powerful non EU countries (The Russian Federation, USA, UK, China, Japan) do not accept Bologna declaration at all, while Croatia accepts Bologna declaration only with the preservation of their national high education system in the next 15 years. For party-political motives, nepotism and ingratiation towards EU, Serbia accepted the implementation of Bologna declaration in 5 years time. That will lead to complete “emigration of brains” i.e. intellectuals and “youth drain” from Serbia. Serbian education quality is in indirect connection with the Intellectual Property Law, Restitution Law and Decentralization Law adoption, followed by the “National strategy for Serbian intellectual’s emigration prevention and return of world well known Serbian scientists from abroad to their home country”.


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