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European Union (EU) represents the integration of democratically regulated European countries. The idea of unification has emerged from the desire of political ideologies to create strong force, which would govern the policy and the economy, not only at the level of the member states, but also at the global level. Membership in the EU provides a number of benefits for economic growth and improvement of a candidate’s political situation. Accession to the EU is of a great importance for Serbian tourism. In addition to the advantages in terms of tourism demand volume, tourism policy measures, foreign capital inflows and opportunities for collaboration with major hotel chains and tour operators, Serbian tourism industry expects a number of challenges. Past development must be directed toward the reconciliation of all segments of tourism development with EU standards. This paper analyzes the tourism of the EU and its peculiarities. The emphasis is on the development achieved in the functioning of the European tourism market. Based on the analysis of European tourism, a special section is devoted to the possibilities for the development of tourism in Serbia, which are opening up by membership in the EU.


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