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Every company has introduced a greater position of trade marketing manager who takes care of marketing of the very point of sale. And although we, as in everything, there remains the process of integration into European economic trends, seem to be in the fields of mass marketing, the process started. Mass marketing today is industry, whose profits reached 20 billion euros. According to its turnover and number of employees in the industry today with a degree in agriculture and tourism, and growing every year. Many public and private companies in our country are most interested in the development of mass marketing, and through their representatives in associations to lobby area zakonodovno edited in a way that encourages the growth of the industry. The new marketing philosophy is all present as a way for each customer individually, and for the group that buys the same product category in the same frequency, find out what they are buying when they buy, where you live, you love sweets, and based on analysis of data from the database You can not mass advertising to increase sales, provide rebates from suppliers, mostly to build a long lasting relationship with your customers


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