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For years companies in Serbia have functioned according to non-market principles. This led to a growing imbalance between domestic and market economies. In fact, in modern market economies, and especially in those which seek to build a market, there is a need for timely, adequate and integrated market information. That need caused the development of certain approaches and methods of market research in the function of helping the company managers to solve emerging problems in business for which they lack competences, knowledge and management skills. Accordingly, the aim of this research is to inform the employess in meat processing industry in Serbia about key elements necessary for effective menagement of marketing activities of the company. Check was carried out according to the procedure by which relevant scientific conclusions were reached – by researching data in the field, specifically, by collecting relevant data in companies in meat processing industry in Serbia. Desk research was also carried out with the aim to present certain methodology of market researches to companies in meat processing industry, since, as empirical research shows, marketing activities in most companies are poorly developed. Therefore, successful business of companies in meat processing industry in Serbia requires availability of timely information about changes in the environment, especially on the market, in order to reduce risk and uncertainty.


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