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Leadership and its culturally preferred style is influenced by national culture. At same time, leaders make influence on corporate culture, trying to create, maintain or change it, in order to improve organizational performance. The leader’s main contribution lies precisely in the management of corporate culture. On the other hand, corporate cultures influence the leaders. It “allowed” to behave on a certain way, make restrictions and exc. In general, corporate culture shapes the behavior of leaders. The critical factor that determines the success of any organization is leadership abilities of its management. National, political and corporate cultures show a high level of diversity at the international level, and predispose the favored type of cultural leaders. GLOBE project results indicate that there is a trend towards convergence of leadership practice, considering that the majority of organizations surveyed are in favor of charismatic or transformational leadership. The new leader is not the authoritarian dictator, or person with unusual charisma. Characteristics of leaders are seen as linked to “soft” skills, person enthusiasm, inspiration, etc... It is certain that the turbulent air, lots of competitors and unexpected everyday pressures, impose that leader has a style with attributes such as inspiration and visionary. New super-transformational leader possesses qualities that can respond to a changing environment. The new leader will always encourage knowledge and creativity of employees, thereby building an organization that continually learns.


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