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The beginning of the 21st Century is posing a challenge to Serbia’s transition economy to take a step towards connecting to the world through the Corridor VII and Corridor X. Such a step, irrespective of the high cost it entails and the prevailing global financial crisis, would bring to Serbia manifold benefits by involving its national capital. Serbia’s national capital, otherwise imprisoned within the state boundaries, should help Serbia in creating an ambient for brain circulation at a global level. Using the language of diplomacy, brain circulation at a global level implies Serbia’s tame behaviour towards great powers, a sense for global dynamism, full respect for an individual without military skills as well as the ever-present proselytism in decision-making. It presupposes that through the use of national capital Serbia should become a country where great-powers influence are bypassing. According to the author, the transition period will be successfully completed if the contemporary Serbian diplomacy turns to the Corridor VII and Corridor X like Latin American countries which adapted their public diplomacy to the needs of mutual integration into individual entities thanks to looking after the Amazon River in a joint manner. The subject of this paper is Serbia with a potential to become a respected country in the world due to brain circulation at a global level and bypassing the great powers’ influence through the Corridor VII and Corridor X.


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