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Tourism represents a very perspective and significant economic activity for the Republic of Serbia, being one of the basic branches of economy, creator of GDP and supporter of the development of different environments. Unfortunately, since the beginning of the 1990s of the twentieth-century conditions for the development of activities in the field of tourism have been very negative, because of many reasons. Reasons that certainly belong among others are: the shortage of capital, reduced turnover scope in tourism, very small investment, but the basic reason is the deep economic crises that have taken hold of our society. Under the influence of the arisen changes, present level in the development of the domestic tourism is under the actual possibilities that are enabled by natural, as well as social respectable resources. The politics of undifferentiated marketing was immanent during the whole period of the post-war development in tourism after the W.W.II up until today and has not been giving results that were real according to the available resources. During the period of transition it is often heard of tourism being one of the bases for the future economic development of the Republic of Serbia. However, it hasn’t been done much to actually take steps in practice. The aim of this work is to point out the state of tourism in the current economic situation in the country with the special stress on the possible strategic moves in the further development in tourism.


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