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In the business environment, people and their abilities make the main resource of every organization through which they contribute to realization of organizational goals. Their creativeness, inclination to innovation, motivation, being well-informed are the characteristics which make them different from the other resources in a company. Management revolution has thrown out to the surface of the business world people who have to have power supported by various kinds of knowledge, skills and individual characteristics. Also, they must be capable of managing the changes and processes using their personal authority. The process of multiplication of new multidisciplined management knowledge and abilities is a dynamic process providing an autonomous development of every company. Changes have become so complex and dynamic that the destiny of the world order largely depends on their knowledge and abilities as well as their actions in business and society generally speaking. The basis of management necessarily being performed by a leader lies in a dynamic development of today`s society. A leader is the one who can lead an organization in today`s turbulent environment, for he is the one who can face the changes successfully. The key of a good leader is in his relationship towards other people, his emotional role comes to the first place. Leadership rests on a vision how to survive and win in the world of changes. The newest information in the area of the development of human values, the development of consciousness, and functioning of human`s brain give us valuable insight and tools with which we can come to the bottom of motives of human activity and use them in a positive way. For leaders there is no reason for changing people (that they want to do that); on the contrary, to them, differences represent advantages not disadvantages. A leader makes an atmosphere in a team on the grounds of human`s strengths not weaknesses. In this way he will completely use people`s talents, especially those ones he himself does not possess. A leader treats people the way they like to be treated. Thanks to this fact, we can analyse specific demands of certain working places and the characteristics of the individuals working at these places with the great certainty. Knowledge is needed in order to manage the human`s potentiality, in order to get, develop, hold and award the right people who will accomplish the appointed goals and follow the strategy of the company. In order to achieve better results of running business, it is necessary to have a good organization and management of human resources in a company. The TEAM WORK which is getting more and more actual, drastically leads to the increase of the productivity of an organization giving us the sinergetic effect and integrating knowledge of all individuals working in a team.


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