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The investments’ developement of the agroalimentary sector implies on one side the developement and the modernising of the prime sector, of producing raw materials and on the other side, the developement and modernising of the processing industry for obtaining high quality alimentary products with a competitive prime cost. A considerable volume of financial resources has to be allocated for the agroalimentary sector. The allocating policy of the financial resources should take into account two main desiderata. First, the budgetary allocations to be restrictive, oriented towards those sectors that allow a rapid developement and that have in the end as impact a growth of taxes and contributions due to the state, and second, the credits should be attractive, but in such a way as to be accessed only those beneficiaries that can assure an eficient developement. The typology of economical and financial-monetary instruments use to radically and structurally influence the entire system of the agroalimentary sector can be spread in groups, wherethrough specific statal politics of action in economy can be created.


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