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The author has examined the application of different doses of stabilized-hydrated sewage sludge in two potato varieties in field conditions. Next to an unfertilized plot, he followed the growth, development and yield of varieties Agria and Aladin on soil treated with an amount of 50 t/ha and 30 t/ha of sludge from wastewater treatment plant in Subotica. He found that the highest yield was achieved at the variety Aladin (44.5 t/ha), when applying 30 t/ha of sludge. Agria produced 29.65 t/ha of tubers with the same amount of fertilizer. In both varieties the yields were higher on plots fertilized with 50 t/ha than on unfertilized soil. It was found that, in contrast to fertilizing with manure from 50 t/ha, half the amount of stabilized sludge produced similar, if not higher yields. In the future it will be possible to substitute or supplement manure with stabilized sludge under controlled conditions.


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