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Business system and business processes are not the same, but diametrically complex categories, consisting of a number of subsystems and sub-processes that require a partial analysis of the integrated process of establishing and improving business efficiency. Directions for use economic - investment of resources based on a rational process of selection they are specified, or “changes that occur in the choice depending on the changing circumstances of which depends on the choice.” Referenced implies acceptance of the fact that the process of investment represents an irreversible process, making inadequate use of limited resources means “stumbling block”, especially in a situation when it is applied in the process of revitalizing the weakened operating system. In accordance with previously observed and the facts stated, based on appropriate mathematical models and statistical valid economic laws, it is possible to check the reality of the business vision, formulating appropriate exit strategy and its implementation in a dynamic business environment. “Hence, the strategists sought, except that vision and has the ability to learn and synthesis, or masterstroke (crafting) strategies accordingly curve experience and new circumstances and lessons learned.”


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