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Compounds for tyres production, as well as all other production processes, is exposed to the risk of stoppages in the course of the whole process. In order to prevent such disfunction, it is highly important for the enterprise to have a suitable maintenance and control service, to conduct preventive activities, to use research techniques and tools so as to prevent anomalies in production.This paper demonstrates a simple technique to use for identifying the main causes of stoppages in compounds for tyres production in Tigar Tyres Company in Pirot. ISO 9004-4 lists 11 tools and techniques for quality improvement. Pareto diagram is of one of them and it is especially important for achieving, monitoring and improving the quality of production, processes and services in terms of displaying, according to importance, the contribution of each member to the whole, as well as to rank the possibilities for improvement.In this paper, Pareto analysis is applied through the example of monitoring the process rationalization in compounds for tyres production, through monitoring breakdowns by type and the time necessary for their repair.


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