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Financial management of working capital and short-term obligations is required, inter alia, to enable the company to determine essential, optimal volument net working capital. Elementary positions include working capital, as is known, the assets or cash, short-term investments in securities, trade receivables and various forms of stock, while the short-term liabilities consist of accounts payable for the purchased raw materials, ukalkulisanih commitment against current operating costs and short-term bank loans, or loans of other economic organizations. Effective management of these individual forms of current assets and current liabilities is very important from the standpoint of maximizing profitability, liquidity and security companies. The aim of this paper is to clarify the key determinants of cash and cash management. Generally speaking, the term refers to cash so. "Effective money”, ie. the banknotes and coins of a country designated as its legal tender, which is in the hands of individuals and legal entities in one country (except bank which issued them - central banks). The importance of cash is reflected in the role it plays in providing a continuous (ongoing) financial solvency of business entities. To the current financial solvency could provide, it is the right time to have a sufficient amount of cash.


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