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Social factors are being considered as important for development of agriculture in north-eastern Montenegro and municipalities Berane, Andrijevica and Plav. Unfavorable geography, distance from highways and poor economy reflected on farmers and non- farmers. Number of farms is declining. From 1961 to 2003 percentage of farming population declined from 58,4% to 9,1%. This decreasing agricultural population complicate wait upon prospect economical recovery and revitalization agriculture. To order that are agriculture this areas in the following period effectual educe and to order that potential possibilities for hers evolution been actively the use, needs is that are realization many changes, begin of socially treatment, to precise steps agrarian and totally economic politics. In order to help further development of agriculture and boost up existing possibilities, changes and improvements are needed starting with social treatment to set of measures for agricultural policy. Among numerous improvement, two stood up as priority and need - increase in number of population which deals with agriculture, augmentation of fields and mechanization of existing farms.


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