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Nowadays the business concept imposed by the trade system of doing profitable business to all institutional investors, including insurance companies, is based on the analysis of surroundings, on market research, on gathering relevant business information, that is on making decisions and identification of all potential external sources of risk. Only on the base of gathered information and performed analyses it is possible to start creating strategies of market approaches. Insurance companies are in constant process of adjusting their organizational structures, their financial management and management of human resources, as well as other activities supposed to contribute to the development of systems of internal controls - all this with the aim to insure the harmonization of doing their business with given models, that is to ensure the fulfilment of their goals and to prevent their excessive exposure to risks of various origins. The task of a strong and well developed section of insurance is to alleviate the pressure on public finance so much that the private insurance be able to reduce the demand for government's programs of social insurance. On the other hand, the industry of insurance contributes to the development of market of capital by grouping the means acessible not only to borrowers but also to issuers of securities, with regard to the fact that the insurers have long-term obligations.


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